some tricks....

here's a couple i've been thinkin about, none of which i can do.... yet....

back smith, shove out
nollie back tail, shove--or 270 shove????
kickflip back smith (okay i lied, i can do that one)
nollie back 180 to switch front crooks (stefan grind)

kickflip blunt
5-0 270 revert to regular, fs and bs
back noseblunt
kickflip 5-0 fakie
no-comply back tail

nollie back 180, fakie manny, 180 out (whole way around)
switch manual, switch front shove
ollie north to nose manual
backside halfcab manny, front 180 out

triple flip
biggerspin flip (fakie tre plus 180)
nollie big heel
double heelflip
switch back 360

damn. some of those are pretty hard, huh..... but i think thats the strat of a pretty good list. add more in the comments of this post!!! i mean it! that means you, whoever is reading this. add a trick.