gimme some mo'

we need to have some special category stuff. like:

biggest ollie (highest, longest, gnarliest, whatevs)
best pole jam (gnarliest jam or pole jam trick--yes i am inventing this for fogt to do a vertical pole jam)
best doubles trick
techiest ledge trick
worst trick (i.e. fakie no-comply to axle to blunt to disaster to .... you get the picture)
most gnar drop-in
worst slam

and some more tricks:
back D to sugarcane
blunt fingerflip (the barletta)
blunt bigspin
switch blunt switch flip in... what?!?!?

tre flip double flip
tre flip sex change
switch impossible... don't think i've ever seen one of those in my life.

pole jam rock to fakie

and i think if someone can do a pole jam blunt to fakie, they should win automatically.