hardy har har

for some reason i thought this was frickin hilarious. i laughed my ass off.

Earthquake Rocks Chino Falls - Watch more free videos

what the f?

i just watched the new city video, its on google video. lets just say that in the intro, bachinski does a reptar bar with a kickflip.....

the video was pretty much set up as a bachinski suck-fest, but all the dudes had sick parts. look it up.

gimme some mo'

we need to have some special category stuff. like:

biggest ollie (highest, longest, gnarliest, whatevs)
best pole jam (gnarliest jam or pole jam trick--yes i am inventing this for fogt to do a vertical pole jam)
best doubles trick
techiest ledge trick
worst trick (i.e. fakie no-comply to axle to blunt to disaster to .... you get the picture)
most gnar drop-in
worst slam

and some more tricks:
back D to sugarcane
blunt fingerflip (the barletta)
blunt bigspin
switch blunt switch flip in... what?!?!?

tre flip double flip
tre flip sex change
switch impossible... don't think i've ever seen one of those in my life.

pole jam rock to fakie

and i think if someone can do a pole jam blunt to fakie, they should win automatically.


here are steve's ideas:

kf front smith/5-0
kf front crook
bs180 nosegrind shuv
hardflip/varialflip/varial heel into any grind
nollie heel into something

360 ollie/nollie
kf disaster
fakie tail shuv out/kf out
treflip fakie

manny: (any of these tricks regs or switch)
halfcab nosemanny 180 out
nose manny and some type of shuvit flip out
manny bigspin
treflip into or out of any manny

flat: (regs, switch, nollie, fakie)
bigger flip (i.e. body 360 board 540)
double heel
inward heel bigspin/hardflip bigspin
late flips of all sorts
any sort of weird flip trick
impossibles (except for johhny)

good work, steve. but whats that fakie tail shit? fs or bs, or even fakie pop to fakie tail, but none of that kindergarten shit. ha!

now: we have a couple teams (of 4) already. there's the tally team: fogt, wu-tang joe, greg, and a mystery rider.

the g-ville/stuville team, as i think it is going to be: me, will, shawn, and steve.

*******shawn and steve, how about you guys rally up four guys to make another team? i'll be in gainesville tomorrow. see you there.

kotr 3

okay. i got some big guns. thrasher's got the 'fucked up' tricks. here's mine:

the tornado spin!!!!!!!!

nasty neck face

i hate youtube commenters. but sometimes i just have to comment.

peep the bottom comment.

some tricks....

here's a couple i've been thinkin about, none of which i can do.... yet....

back smith, shove out
nollie back tail, shove--or 270 shove????
kickflip back smith (okay i lied, i can do that one)
nollie back 180 to switch front crooks (stefan grind)

kickflip blunt
5-0 270 revert to regular, fs and bs
back noseblunt
kickflip 5-0 fakie
no-comply back tail

nollie back 180, fakie manny, 180 out (whole way around)
switch manual, switch front shove
ollie north to nose manual
backside halfcab manny, front 180 out

triple flip
biggerspin flip (fakie tre plus 180)
nollie big heel
double heelflip
switch back 360

damn. some of those are pretty hard, huh..... but i think thats the strat of a pretty good list. add more in the comments of this post!!! i mean it! that means you, whoever is reading this. add a trick.

kotr 2

okay. let's try to figure out what the challenges should be. if its up to me, ill just make them all tricks i can already do, ha! everybody--and i mean you!--post in the comments of the next postn what tricks we should have, and what sections. i'm just gonna say one thing though, i dont feel like throwing myself down any shit, we're old men here, people. let's be reasonable. ledges, quarterpipes, manuals, flatground, are al definite categories, so elt's get some ideas for tricks. but how about: wallrides? pole jams? banks?

and i call shawn for my team. ha, losers! the kid is a wrecking ball!

this is gonna be so fucking fun.

here's the thrasher list. whaddaya got?

i was born a unicorn

tonight i suddenly had the urge to draw unicorns. i filled a few pages. the fact that i have no idea how horses look in real like was no matter.


okay, guys, and by guys, i mean all of you who skate, either in g-ville, stuville, whatever. here's the deal--i want to do a KING OF THE ROAD! but not even on the road, just in town. i'm saying make a list of tricks, etc.. i'm thinking, before summer's over, we all get together and make teams of a couple guys a team, and then rip it up.

well, what do you think? tell me, let's get this shit started. a weekend of KOTR anyone?


what a dumb design for an animal.

ride the bull

so i was snooping el toro vids on youtube, spying out the ABDs so i know what i can safely throw down it, when i saw this link. ive heard about this before, but never seen it, like a mythical beast (muh like the fandangle). steve, is this what you were telling me about? pure genius.

PS and what kind of dumbass tries to airwalk el toro? dude, even if you landed it... it's an airwalk.

PPS one of the comments said, "ryan sheckler frontside flipped it for the new plan b video, but i guess this is cool too." HAHAHAHAHA!!!!

i dream of pavement

ever feel homesick for somewhere that's not your home? i feel like that about barcelona.

watch this, and you'll feel the same way.


cody mac

damn. forward flips, nollie late flips, and a hell of a nollie big heel.

Paris Hilton on wheels


please, please read this. if you've held any reserve for sheckler, any last hope that maybe he's really okay, it's time to face the truth. this ESPN article, corresponding with his shirtless/board over shoulder/smirking cover shot, is enough to make any real skater cry.


subway bunnies

on dvd now. world (gainesville) premiere around the end of july.

for those uninformed...

courtesy of wikipedia, our generation's number one news source:

The Mandible Claw is a professional wrestling maneuver which, when applied correctly against an individual, can cause intense, legitimate pain. Popularized in the 1990s by American wrestler Mick Foley, the move is based heavily on "The Mandibular Nerve Pinch," finishing hold to 1960s osteopathic physician-turned-wrestler Sam Sheppard.


The hold is applied when the aggressor places his middle and ring fingers into the opponent's mouth, sliding them under the tongue and jabbing into the soft tissue found at the bottom of the mouth. The thumb and/or palm of the same hand is placed under the jaw, and pressure is applied downward by the middle and ring fingers while the thumb/palm forces the jaw upwards. Foley later claimed on a television interview that the painful sensation in the nerves under the tongue is so strong that it inhibits vision and, when applied long enough, can force the opponent to black-out.

With such intimate contact with the inside of the opponent's mouth, it would not be unlikely that this could end up being a somewhat unhygienic move to perform. As a result, Mick Foley (under the moniker of the psychopathic Mankind) initially wore a two-fingered glove/sheath over his middle and ring fingers. Later in Mankind's career, he switched out the glove for a sock puppet named "Mr. Socko," making the Mandible Claw one of the most popular moves in the business.

Biomechanical questions

When famed wrestling manager Jim Cornette first taught the move to Mick Foley, Foley suggested it to two bosses to ask their opinions on the potential finisher. The first, Bill Watts, famed wrestling promoter and former Vice President of World Championship Wrestling, heard Foley's idea of the move and immediately shot it down with the question, "Why don't I just bite your goddamn fingers off?"

When Foley later suggested the idea to World Wrestling Entertainment owner Vince McMahon, he was met with a similar question, but persuaded McMahon that it could be glossed over by a claim that it was a "nerve hold" that immobilized the recipient's jaw. Throughout Foley's career as WWE wrestler Mankind, the same question had also been an issue with many wrestling fans. Although technically as the fingers are under ones tongue, it would force the victim to bite through their own tongue to bite off the fingers of the person applying the hold.

[edit] A unique hold

The Mandible Claw is something of an odd submission-style maneuver, mainly because it is one of only a handful of moves that can legitimately be applied to one's self. Foley's character Mankind once demonstrated this ability when, in a match against Ken Shamrock, Foley applied the hold against himself. The deranged Mankind did this in order to save face by causing himself to black-out instead of submitting to Shamrock's submission hold, the Ankle Lock.





is now finished. hitting your local internet soon.

16 blocks

a night in downtown


fully flared ain't got nothin.

more videos on my youtube account... nastyneckface

okay i admit it...

i admit that, yes, i was searching "david cahall" on google images to get a good picture to use on this blog. but instead, i found something so, so much better.

Swindler sentenced to 5 years
Tuesday, January 10, 2006
Jim Woods
David C. Cahall promised investors quick returns of 20 percent to 30 percent on the money they lent him.

David C. Cahall quietly said he was "sorry" and "remorseful" for duping investors ? many of them fellow members of his country club ? out of $1.86 million.

But Judge Everett H. Krueger, of Delaware County Common Pleas Court, said Cahall needs to pay a price for betraying people?s trust. Cahall, 38, pleaded guilty to one count of engaging in a pattern of corrupt activity. He was indicted on 21 counts involving at least five victims.

"Your actions are shameful," Krueger said.

The judge sentenced Cahall to five years in prison with credit for 311 days in jail and ordered him to pay $1.86 million in restitution to his victims and more than $10,000 in fines and court costs.

In the judge?s view, Cahall?s motivation was clear.

"You are a greedy man," Krueger said.

Cahall lived in the Highland Lakes subdivision in Westerville and was a member at the Lakes Golf & Country Club.

He ran his business from a Westerville office building, saying that he bought discounted clothing, which he sold for a profit to T.J.Maxx and Marshalls.

Cahall promised quick returns of 20 percent to 30 percent to investors if they lent him short-term money to buy the clothing.

A number of Cahall?s clients were recruited on the golf course.

Last January, Cahall?s scheme began to unravel when he bounced a check for $94,628.

Westerville police detective Ted Smith soon found that Cahall was running a Ponzi scheme, paying off earlier investors with money from later clients. Cahall also was pocketing money to fund his lavish lifestyle.

Bill Owen, assistant Delaware County prosecutor, said he will file the agreement showing how the money will be distributed to victims later. The victims will be named then. Smith said one who claimed to be a victim was left out of the distribution. He wouldn?t say why.

William Meeks, Cahall?s attorney, said that during 11 months in jail, his client has shown that he wants to make things right.

"His cooperation with prosecutors is nothing short of extraordinary," Meeks said yesterday.

Owen acknowledged that Cahall provided useful information about criminal activity in central Ohio.

Cahall agreed that he would pay back $1.86 million to five of his victims after he is free.

"I do intend when I get out to make full amends and restitution to the people in this case," he said.

Cahall brought undue stress to the lives of his victims, Krueger said.

Cahall also hurt his own family, the judge said. He is divorced and has a daughter who will turn 4 in February.

"I?d like to be there when you explain to your daughter what you did," Krueger said.


P.S. do you think the middle initial c. stands for 'corn'?


it speaks for itself.

it's official

today i read this, in an article on obama:

....Later at a Lincoln Park nightclub, Obama spoke to a raucous crowd of music fans, who paid up to $500 per person to see a performance by Wilco lead singer Jeff Tweedy, and two other band members.

"Before these guys go, I want them to know that I had heard a rumor that they had suggested that I had nothing by them on my iPod," Obama said. "That is not true. I love Wilco."

but really. when i think of obama, i totally picture him in tight jeans and a band shirt, wearing black frame glasses, nodding his head to wilco, smoking a cigarette. don't you?

now, try this: picture him rolling on 20s, pumping n.w.a., screaming, "Young nigga got it bad cuz I'm brown!"

i imagane mccain's ipod is set to play mariah carey on repeat.

new news

msn.com had these three articles listed as their most popular reads:

Docs pull screws, nails from metal-eating man
Britain urging return to wartime food frugality
Check out these ambush makeovers!


false advertising

an absurd, life-changing thing just happened. i was flipping through a magazine and saw a tiny coca-cola ad, and instantly, i craved a coke. a controlling, pervading urge to drink a coke. i ran downstairs and popped one open and drank it, only to realize that, oh, coke tastes really terrible.

but the point is that ads WORK. i've never understood why people spend so much $$ on ads, but now i understand.

and another thing. i think i've realized that i want to be a director--hollywood, baby. i figure it'll be the hardest job to get, but whatever.

film school, here i come.

do i look like a cop??!?!?!?

getting psyched for the dark knight. rotten tomatoes has it at 100% as of right now! heath ledger looks terrifying.... too bad he's gone, he was one of the best young actors out there. i had no idea he was in dogtown until i saw the credits. but i guess now we see the dark side of method acting....

(by the way i made the picture, it's not an actual advertisement, i know you probably thought it was an official ad)


this is for fogt. he'll understand.


this is the best thing i've seen in a while.


independence day

my uncle sent me this:

fuck tha police, pt. 2

4th of july started out great!!!! will and i loaded up to head to the new skate park. then while we're still in sewalls point, will drops a firecracker out the window. crackle crackle. the weakest firecrackers in the world. you could explode it in your hand.

then a cop pops up and chases my car down on foot. next thing you know, we're sitting on the curb, being told we're going to prison for a serious felony: assault with a deadly missile. deadly missile?!?!?!?

apparently some lady thought we were aiming for her, and....

well, we got off in the end, though with records. we just have to pray she donesn't press charges, or we're seriously going to prison for a long time. the cops treated us like animals. they were taking will's info, then one of them asked for my license, and i asked, what did i do? YOU WERE DRIVING THE CAAARRRRRR!!!!!

oh, sorry. i forgot.

ft fierce

hitting up the new park team pain built in ft pierce will giullermo. will bring evidence if possible.

i finally uploaded all the footage to my computer tonight, itll be edited soon.


where's an upside down exclamation mark when i need one....

everybody, go check out steve's blog to follow his travels. view scott's beautiful, enlightnening photos, and inspect steve's ankle-high ollies.


or just click the link to steven flow.... i promise it's safe. though i wouldn't click on shawn's name, if i were you.

fo shizzle

thanks to shawn, adding one more name to the poll: colin b. ballin. hell yeah!