the harder the better

that´s the official name of this trip. shawn´s said it multiple times so far, each time talking about different things-- the first time abouty wheels, then apples. he´s leading up to saying it about penises, i think.

still raining in barca obama. going to see picasso in a few minutes; then onto the arc de triopf, then who knows. we´ve stayed the past few nights in mataro in an amazing little hostel. the town´s cool, but we couldn´t find the internet--its has abandoned us--so we took the train into barcelona to bring you this message. feel honored.

no skating the past 2 days due to constant rain. i made a new beanie to replace my stolen red one, and my mom´s sending my spare charge cord to our hostel. our eurail tickets will arrive soon, and we´ll head to paris, hopefully in time to see broken social scene. it´s coming back together.

major news: today there was a D3 sighting! a punk kid on the train, bright blue osirises. or osires? we´ll never know.

until next time,
colin awesome and shawn gay