shoot him in the face!

at work right now. just wanted to share a few sentences of what i'm working on. these are examples from the review of business law.

ex. 1:
"dick is mad that his friend harry is having an affair with his wife, so dick gets his shotgun and shoots harry in the face."

ex. 2:
"dick, a resident of NYC, decides to go quail hunting with grenades. equipped with his hunting gear, dick walks out into the apartment building and thinks he sees a quail. he chases the quail into times square and then throw the grenade into a large group of people, intending to kill the quail. unfortunately, he ends up killing harry instead."

ex. 3:
"dick, a resident of washington, dc, decides to go quail hunting with his friend harry on a vacant south texas ranch. intending to kill a quail, dick accidentally shoots harry in the face."

harry gets pretty screwed over. now, pop quiz: in which of these example is dick liable for intentional tort?